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不斷轉口味,YG WINNER的南太鉉&宋旻浩;EXO-K卞白賢;SPEED;SJ:藝聲、厲旭;Block B;U-Kiss;宋仲基都被我加入來了。

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其實......他應該真的是空降的 :p 只是自己在家練了很久吧! 也靠在富川的自組樂隊累積了不少圈飯的能力吧(有點像金鍾鉉)! 說起空降,chen也是其中一員吧,同是2011啊! D.O.原來也早不了多少,入選的合是2010年的11月的呢! SM是怎麼了?是有"主唱荒"嗎? 選出來的主唱主要都是2010年尾到2011年間的呢! CR:EXO-K日刊SPORTS新聞採訪 What is the happiest moment you've experienced? Baekhyun: It is the first time when I stood on stage, the moment I've been anticipating for 7 years. It was the happiest and most meaningful moment ever. Everytime I stand on stage, fans in front would start shouting that they love EXO. The moment I got off stage, I felt so drained and my legs were trembling. My parents also said: "It feels like your heart exploded." (Note: The 7 years that Baekhyun mentioned does not only refer to his training period. He did mention in other interviews that he's been to auditions but didn't get chosen, when SM spotted him it was during his auditions for Seoul Arts University.)
CR: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/baek-hyun “I remember how I’d tell all my friends that I would be a celebrity when I grow up. To be honest though, I ended up getting dropped from all of the agencies I auditioned for. Then time flew by and one day, I was getting ready to audition to enroll at an arts university. But by some incredible chance, an SM representative was near that school. She must have overheard me practicing my song because I was immediately asked to join SM right in front of the gates.” - Byun Baekhyun