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不斷轉口味,YG WINNER的南太鉉&宋旻浩;EXO-K卞白賢;SPEED;SJ:藝聲、厲旭;Block B;U-Kiss;宋仲基都被我加入來了。

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評價EXO-K 成員的跳舞技巧(Beat Burger_exo的編舞老師)

Suho: He can follow the dance routine quite well, but not special. Seven years of training gave him advantage to control his emotion (*when the boys make mistakes when practicing, we usually punish them with more hours of practicing, and make the boys holding back their anger, and he is the one who can calm himself and the other boys). Lack of facial expressions. He is in the stage that you can say “good” for his dancing.
D.O: Powerful. It’s all I can say. He is so good with stamina and doing great with every step. But he plays safe too much, he follows the dance routine just the way it is. No improvisation. He needs to put feeling into his moves.
Sehun: Good dancer, good flexibility. Still need to work on his facial expression. He is the member who makes mistake the most such as blocking other members or forget his step.
Kai: Perfection. That all I can say. Having various dance background is really an advantage for him. Smart and creative, he also creates the dance step in his own teasers. Full of improvisation, powerful and expressions. He once said that he didn’t want to sing, just do the dance instead. He has desire to learn break dance, hip-hop and many western dances as well in the future. [cr:김선아, Sung Ah , translate by renren, via: whiteflame,crosschannels] http://tl.gd/ifnauj · Reply Report post (?)